Larry Leavitt Fitness and Self Defense

established 1983

About Larry Leavitt

Larry Leavitt began training in the Martial Arts in 1973. He graduated from Salem State College in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports, Fitness, and Leisure. He started teaching self defense in 1985. He has been a Health and Physical Education teacher in Peabody since 2001.

In 2001, Larry began organizing and compiling the best methods, techniques, and skills he learned from the numerous styles he trained in. These included: kenpo karate, kung-fu, judo, jiu jitsu (small circle and Brazilian), boxing, kick-boxing, and free style wrestling. He developed new techniques and combinations for street fighting and self defense application.

In 2002, Larry began training his students to become physically fit, ready-to-react street warriors who would not hesitate in defending themselves and others. Through Larry's "Winter Hill Workouts", his students have confidence in their ability to handle confrontations or aggressive behavior. 

About John Dullea

John Dullea runs the boxing program at Larry Leavitt's Fitness and Self Defense and is the Head Trainer. Dullea is a former Salem and Peabody Police Officer and a current Investigator for the Essex County Districts Attorney's Office. With a lifetime of experience in boxing and assorted training in Judo, John's philosophy is simple, but extremely effective. "There are no big secrets, work hard, pay the price and you will succeed." 

For more than a decade, John has offered a stress relieving, intense cardio workout for anyone who is willing. Whether you are simply looking to work up a sweat, or have greater ambitions, Jack Dullea will guide you through hard work and discipline and definitely is not afraid to get in the ring.

About Chris Hayward

Chris Hayward is an Assistant Trainer in the boxing program. Hayward has been apart of the Dullea's Boxing team for over a decade. Chris has helped train a substantial amount of our best fighters and is our residential mitt coach here at the gym.

About Greg Rich

Greg Rich is an Assistant Trainer in the boxing program. Representing Manchester, England, Rich adds to the 'No Excuse' philosophy. Greg is an accomplished fighter with over two decades of experience under his belt. With a keen eye for fundamental critique and a sick passion for sweat, Greg brings a well balanced approach to both training and cardio fitness.

Why us?

In order to prepare our students for street altercations, we utilize the training methods of Buddy McLean, Boston's most fit and best street fighter. McLean's "Winter Hill Workout" is second to none and only available at Larry Leavitt Fitness and Self Defense.

We get to know each of our students and have a genuine interest in helping them accomplish their goals. We take great pleasure in seeing their development in physical fitness and self defense capabilities.

Our program is a family atmosphere where people work together, help each other succeed, and have fun.